Sunday, December 16, 2012

Mapito (Title Song for Documentary)

What can I say? This guy's voice is simply amazing. Here is a sample:

I gave Kwame the rough cut of "Kenya: Until Hope is Found" which he watched 3 times and then sent me the following text message:

I can't stop asking myself how is it going to be like? I'm seated here trying to figure out what will happen to Mwende in Mathare slum, Kamau in Kisumu, Otieno in Naivasha, Koech in Kibera ...
This is not good brother, not good at all ... 3 months to elections and Kenyans are still struggling with their bitterness ...

With Kwame Rigii recording @ Ogopa Deejays Studios in South B, Nairobi

The result was a beautiful song that we recorded acapella because I felt that instrumentation would have taken away from it's power. I can't wait to share it with the world. Many Thanks to the great talented soul that is Kwame Rigii.

Peace, Patrick

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