Monday, December 17, 2012


I spent the day with Devis Kabala, a Kibera resident who took part in the protests of 2007/8. Devisio, as his friends call him, was very open about his participation, and spoke honestly about what compelled him to take part in the fracas.

Devis shows me the path he took with many others after the 2007 election results were announced

Interviewing Devis in his home
Devis, his wife and daughter happen to live in a home that was previously owned by a Kikuyu who fled the area and has never returned. There are many such homes that were abandoned, and many who live in them do not pay rent. Devis knew the guy who escaped and actually helped him move. He pays rent to the landlord who also happens to be a Kikuyu.

He had a lot of insight about why the youth get involved in political violence, and why he thinks some politicians are the biggest perpetrators of violence in Kenya (Watch 20:34 to 22:38 here).

I have since added some of his incredible footage to the documentary

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