Thursday, February 14, 2013

Pawa 254

 I went to Pawa 254, a hub for visual creatives in Kenya, to meet with Boniface Mwangi.

Pawa 254 office

It so happened that Boniface had organized 70+ youth from various neighborhoods to come to this location for a separate event, but the meeting was pushed back for another hour. I was invited to show "Kenya: Until Hope is Found" to the group, which I gladly did. 

After the screening, we had time for a brief discussion and a demonstration of Faster EFT. 

I emphasized that while there was a lot of talk about – and a large number of initiatives concerning –  peace, there was little to no talk about healing from trauma. And we absolutely cannot have one without the other.
A few of the young men in attendance came up to me afterwards to tell me that they really appreciated the film and the tapping technique. I let them know that the film was available on youtube, and that they could also get a copy from DVD vendors around Nairobi. 

Pawa 254 youth. Devis, who is in the documentary, is on the left.

w/ Boniface Mwangi

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