Sunday, May 20, 2012

St. George's Orthodox Church, Kibera

It's been a long while since I posted on my blog, but that's not because I have been inactive. Since my last entry, I had quite a few more screenings in Kenya (pics to be posted soon), gathered enough footage and interviews to put together a promo video for "Kenya: Until Hope is Found," and had a whirlwind of a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds to return to Kenya to gather more footage for the documentary. So far, I have posted 11 updates on the site, all of them Vlogs (video blogs) which, I am learning, are far more easier for me than blogs:

The Healing and Rebuilding our Communities (HROC) workshop was held at St. George's Orthodox Church in Kianda Village in Kibera. I held a screening of "ICYIZERE:hope" at the church's Community Hall last year, and I immediately thought it would be a great venue for the workshop.

ICYIZERE screening @ St. George's Orthodox Church, Dec 2011
The only problem we had was that the church had corrugated iron roofing (also known as mabati), thus making it difficult for the video camera to capture a well-lit image:

Corrugated iron roofing
The genius solution suggested by my brother Duncan? Replace some of the mabati (ma-ba-tee) roofing with translucent material. We asked the church for permission, and they were extremely delighted. So we purchased four sheets and hired a fundi (foon-dee)/ handy-man:

And viola:

Clear mabati installed
We had a spectacularly-lit hall which, by the way, is saving the church money on their lighting bill. Surely God is creative:

Incandescent beats fluorescent any day

Me in the middle & my friend Kyalo, 2nd camera, on the right
The workshop was a great success. There is too much to say about it at the moment. I am actually still processing what transpired. More about that to come soon. Bye for now.

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Mom to the mighty Zman said...

I love the lighting. I hadn't been able to picture what you did so the pictures are great. Still praying for you, your safety, your kids, your wife. You are a loud shout for hope where most of the time the world hears only whispers of hope.