Thursday, March 6, 2008

here we go

I've never done this before.
I write this blog as I'm preparing for my presentation at the Clara Thompson Hall on the Drury Campus. I'm a little nervous, which I suppose is a good thing, if I can channel my butterflies into an engaging presentation. 

I am so excited about returning to Rwanda, yet the thought of leaving my family makes my heart heavy. Thank God for my beautiful supportive wife who not only supported my travelling, but insisted upon it. She's my "Hard Headed woman, who makes me do my best." 
There goes my first baring of my digital soul. 




Jane Terry said...

Hi, Patrick!

Of course, you are not going alone: you carry with you the love and support of your friends and family in your heart!

Jane Terry

BR said...

Bon Voyage, Patrick. You may feel a bit lonely over there, but,like the string Rumi's mouse put on Frog's ankle, we will still be connected to you.

I look forward to your blogs and your return.

YiP - Bob Ranney

Connie Mureithi said...

Hi Patrick,

I am impressed by your film!! Many people who have heard about it in Kenya say Kenyan people would benefit from it particularly after post-election crisis. Kenyans have gone almost through the same crisis like Rwanda the only difference is that they were not as widespread and lasted a short time. If you have a moment in Kenya, you could share your experiences with the Kenya people and probably stage the film in a number of settings. Some Kenyans are also requesting whether you can be interviewed by media so that your ideas and experiences can have ripple effect to a wider public. This could impact on LOVE, UNITY AND UNITY, a slogan used by the former Presidnt of Kenya, His Excellency Arab Moi

judyUtah said...


I am in northern California and just facilitated my first (californian) AVP workshop in a nearby prison with some lifers.

I am a buddying docu maker and have been involved with AVP in the mid-'90's and just heard about your docu. I am trying to find your email address to write you - or maybe I could call you. I want to order your documentary; how can I do this? Is it for sale yet?

Thanks so much! and fine work you are doing...I, too, want to make a documentary about this AVP work and how amazing it is, whether it's in prison, in Africa, in communities - wherever. Hope I can buy your docu. Please contact me~!~


Judy Davis 866-588-9274